In Erre we use real and genuine metals, so it can lose shine with the use and passage of time. To keep your piece as the first day, it's important that:

  • you take it off before washing your hands or showering, even when you go to the beach, pool or a exercising as perspiration can harm it
  • you avoid contact with cleaning products and cosmetics (makeup, perfumes, creams and soaps)
  • you don't store it in damp places
  • you keep it in its pouch to avoid scuffs and scratches
  • if you need to clean it use warm water and neutral ph soap, then gently dry it with a dry cloth

Silver jewelry can scratch and lose shine with use, you can polish it with a jewelry cloth. Please do not attempt to do so with the gold-plated parts as the luster would remove the bathroom. While the duration of the gold plate is directly proportional to its proper use, the PH of your skin may alter it, so it may be necessary to renew the gold plate periodically.